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Beytullah Karadayı (1), Şükriye Karadayı (2), Nurdan Sezgin (3)

1 Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Forensic Science Institute, Istanbul, Turkey
2 İstanbul Kemerburgaz University, Vocational School of Health Services, Istanbul, Turkey
3 Istanbul University, Forensic Sciences Institute, Department of Social Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey

Introduction. One of the most important public health problem is pathogenic microorganisms in water-borne poisoning which can result in disability or even death, creates a significant workload in hospitalizations, common in the world and our country. Aim of the Study. In this study, it was aimed to share information and examine the medical and legal dimensions of health professionals and other public officials who obliged to be notified in the case of toxicities caused by pathogenic microorganisms in the water. Materials and Methods. The scope of the research determined by searching the current domestic and foreign literature then the information has been collected from the relevant people about the subject. The compiled information was presented systematically and the solution proposals were given about the problems that have emerged.
Results. Water-borne pathogenic microorganism poisoning is in the forensic event like all the other poisoning events, and notification is mandatory under article 280 of Turkish Penal Code. Not to notice imposes certain sanctions like including a prison

sentence to healthcare profession. Conclusions. One can say it is the most essential key factor to report water-borne poisoning cases to the judicial authorities and determine the reasons correctly in order to avoid recurrence such incidents.

Key words: Drinking water, Law and regulations, Pathogenic microorganisms, Poisoning, Water regulations, Basic Health Statistic Module.


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